We are commited to Promote the Liberian tourism industry through Launching this website and bi-lateral coöperation with all partners who share our views towards the creation of a sustainable tourism sector in Liberia that can provide sustainable jobs and promotion possibilities for the Liberian people.

“Let’s invest into the True pottential of Liberia and its People”


  • Independence Day, 26 July (1847)
  • Population: 4.092.310 (July 2014)
  • 1585 Km land borders
  • 579 Km Atlantic golden Coastline
  • 1st ever female president in Africa Her Excellency Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf “ Ma Ellen “ with numerous degrees from Harvard university and Nobel Peace prize winner in 2011.
  • Legal system: mixed legal system of common law (based on Anglo-American law) and customary law
  • Geographicly Located between Sierra Leone, Guinea and Ivory Coast
  • Climate: tropical, hot, humid; dry winters with hot days and cool to cold nights; wet, – cloudy summers with frequent heavy showers
  • English is The official language

Liberia rising back to former Glory

After a decade of civil unrest and war in Liberia and now more than 13 years of rebuilding under this administration the beautiful country that is a continuous work in progress still going on strong to bring back the wonderful memories of former Glory of our beloved “LIBERIA”

A love that brings people from all nations around the world together where Liberians landed during the war and told stories about their homeland ” Sweet, Free Life of Liberty ” founding new families with foreigners who equally have fallen in love with our country.

It is for those people new and old that we are promoting the Tourism industry to develop in the following years to come, so people can come back to Liberia for holidays that will create jobs in the Tourism service sector or live here permanently to contribute to the Growth process that is going on right now and bring new fresh ideas for future start-up companies to sustain this High potential in the Tourism industry within this wonderful and proud nation.

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